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New office build-out

Expand current space or customize a new location

Let Newell Contracting help you expand your current space to meet the needs of your growing company. Or reconfigure a new location for optimal workflow and productivity. Starting with a thorough analysis of your space needs, one of our planners will work with you to maximize your new office space while modifying it to suit your unique needs.

As part of our commitment to sustainable construction, we'll also provide and implement energy-efficient, cost-cutting lighting and climate control upgrades — from sensor operated plumbing fixtures that are both hygienic and economical to occupancy sensor light switches that ensure lights go off when no one is in the room.

From start to finish, experience the same professionalism, quality and attention to detail from Newell Contracting that you demand of your own employees.

A sampling of our new office build-out services:

  • Lobby and hallway refurbishment
  • Structural steel frame Installation
  • New floor layouts
  • New framing, board, and plaster
  • New services (electrical, phone and data, security and entry systems, plumbing, HVAC, sprinklers, fire alarms)
  • Flooring (carpet, VCT, ceramic, vinyl, hardwood, stone)
  • Ceilings (plaster, suspension, decorative tin and copper)
  • Painting
  • Custom doors, glass, and stainless steel
  • Workstations, sales counters, and display cabinets

Click here for a full list of services we can provide for you.