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tenant Occupied renovation

Off-hours renovation that won't inconvenience your tenants

Whether you're planning a new interior layout, rehabilitating structural damage or updating your building to improve efficiency and reduce energy costs, we'll coordinate with both the building management and tenants to ensure a non-disruptive renovation. Typically, we take a phased approach, with work done only in agreed-upon sections, off-hours and on weekends. Construction spaces are also cleaned for the next business day to avoid interrupting daily work flow or hampering the productivity of your employees or tenants.

A sampling of our tenant-occupied services:

• Electrical Upgrades
• Fire Alarm System Upgrades and Replacement
• Security and Entry Systems Upgrades
• Phone/Data Cat 6
• Installation/Reconfiguration of Existing HVAC
• Suspended Ceilings
• Vinyl Composite Tiling, Carpeting, Hardwood
• Painting
• Custom Glass Installation
• Lighting Efficiency Upgrades

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