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Commercially-operated residential properties

Commercially-operated residential property owners are always under pressure to update their rental units in the quietest time possible. The contractor must be ready to start work immediately upon the unit becoming vacant. Newell Contracting Corporation ensures that all architectural requirements and city work permits are in place to allow work to commence immediately.

With well over a decade of experience, Newell Contracting Corporation is able to provide a hard completion date, which allows the property managers to advertise for new tenants with a confirmed move-in date. Because of the extensive amount of unit renovations completed and the close relationship  Newell Contracting Corporation has built up with supply houses we can offer the property managers attractive pricing for Unit renovations.

A sampling of our residential services:

  • New floor layouts, board, and plaster
  • Electrical upgrades | Lighting efficiency upgrades
  • Fire alarm system upgrades and replacement
  • Security and entry systems upgrades
  • Phone/Data Cat 6
  • Installation/reconfiguration of existing HVAC
  • Carpeting, hardwood flooring, tile work
  • Kitchens
  • Painting